Take Back Your Day Free Yourself To focus on your business. Outsourced solutions for your company's HR requirements from One Solution Human Resources. Learn More
Carefully Balanced Guidance HR Success Cost effective assistance and strategic HR solutions from One Solution Human Resources. Learn More
Your Guide for Developing Policies Compliance Expert knowledge, management skills and soft skills for dependable, accurate and on time human resources. Learn More
Keep Your Employees Informed Handbooks Clear and effective communication for you and your employees. Handbooks, hiring, terminations, and compliance. Learn More
Employee Wellness Benefits Comprehensive and flexible benefit plans that are flexible enough to meet your specific benefit needs. Learn More

OUTSOURCING HUMAN RESOURCESAsk us about Managers Training, Group and Individual Employee Training, Mentoring Programs and Mediation Services.

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Our Knowledge, Your Power

Outsourcing your HR functions allows you to focus on your core competencies and provides administrative relief from many employer-related responsibilities. This allows you to focus more on developing strategies that provide you with a competitive advantage. Most organizations see immediate savings in total HR spending, depending on how many of the functions are outsourced.


    Who is One Solution Human Resources?

    One Solution Human Resources is an outsource firm that generates solutions to your company’s specific requirements. We are Human Resources professionals with 35 + years of experience.


    HR Services from One Solution Human Resources

    One Solution Human Resources provides companies with consultation and advice on all matters typically assigned to the HR function. Our service is a cost effective alternative to a full time employee HR manager.


    Is It Time to Outsource Human Resources?

    Professional employer organizations like One Solution HR help free up business owners' time to focus more on generating revenue and less on non-revenue-generating activities like HR.

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