Employee HandbooksHandbooks are critical for communicating workplace culture

Employee Handbooks

Employee Handbooks

The employee handbook is recognized by human resource professionals as an essential tool for communicating workplace culture, benefits and employment policy information to employees. An employee manual describes information about the employers employment practices, company benefits, equal opportunity commitments, attendance guidelines, pay practices, leave of absence procedures, safety issues, labor relations matters and sanctions for misconduct. A carefully prepared handbook or manual serves an important purpose by helping to orientate new employees, answer questions that arise during employment and guide employment actions to comply with applicable laws.

At One Solution Human Resources, we have refined these skills and elevated the standard by complex assessment of what has been proven successful. We offer the most thorough and professional preparation and delivery of most employee handbooks available today.

Performance with Progressive Policy

The employment arena is continually changing. Every year, new laws and emerging trends affect the workplace. We stay on top of these issues and guide the organization by implementing new employment policies addressing the changing trends.

One Solution Human Resources will ensure that your company is safeguarded when adapting new policy and workplace practices within written employee communications. Once distributed, the employee handbook/policy manual will be periodically reviewed and revised to reflect any new changes.

  • Protect Employment-at-Will Prerogatives
  • Electronic Communication
  • Cell Phone Use
  • Driver's License, Credit & Background Checks
  • Wage-Hour Changes
  • Medical Privacy
  • New USERRA & FMLA Requirements
  • Workplace Privacy
  • Anti-harassment Policies
  • Equipment Use and Return

Effective Communication Tool

The employee handbook remains an effective tool for communicating important information to employees. Since developing a positive employee relations climate is one of the core responsibilities of the human resource function, One Solution Human Resources takes a leading role in promoting the development, preparation and maintenance of exceptional employee handbooks. We have the experience to make your employee communications outstanding and have high value.

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